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Episode 37 FireandLunch PieCast S5E9: The Dance of Dragons


Welcome the PieCast! Join Jenny, Rachel and Katie as we discuss the penultimate, much-anticipated episode 9 of Game of Thrones Season 5, The Dance of Dragons. 

We begin, middle and end the episode with a tribute to and lament for poor little Shireen Baratheon. In between sobs, we discuss the endlessly boring storyline in Dorne, Arya's moves along the Braavosi chess board, and one of the best/worst escapes we've seen on TV this year. (For one. Sorry, entire court of Dany Targaryen. You should be fine. Probably.) 
As always, here there be spoilers. Only until next week, though. Then we're all on our own! 
#PieCast: Episode 37: S5E9 The Dance of Dragons. Featuring Jenny, Rachel and Katie. Running Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Episode 36 FireandLunch PieCast S5E8: Hardhome


Karsi, we hardly knew ye. 
Welcome to the all-Brigade episode of the PieCast! Join Jess, Megan and Katie (with Jenny assisting in spirit) as we discuss the frighteningly awesome episode that was Hardhome. Our thirst for Jon Snow is about as real as Cersei's in the Black Cells, AMIRITE? ;D
...Too soon? Okay.
With ratings that swing as high as we've ever had them on the podcast, we talk about the value of Tyrion in the Meereen storyline, how shitty an ex Jorah is, the growth of the story's mythology in Hardhome's final battle (Valyrian steel kills the Others! The White Walkers have an organizational structure and goals!), and the overall encompassing awesomeness that is Wun Wun. 
Clocking in at 93 minutes, buckle in for a wildly enthusiastic slice of Pie. 
As always, here be spoilers. Listener beware!

#PieCast: Episode 36: S5E8 Hardhome. Featuring Megan, Katie and Jess. Running Time: 1 hour and 33 minutes.

Episode 35 FireandLunch PieCast S5E7: The Gift

Oh, Jorah. Worst. Present. EVER. 
Join the Brooklynites of FireandLunch as we discuss the life choices that led to "The Gift." We review Dany and Tyrion's meet cute, the soundness of Jon Snow's political choices, and the absolute thrill of Cersei's well-earned "oh shit" face. We may or may not rage at the Dorne and Winterfell storylines. (Who are we kidding, of course we do.)
Spoilers galore, buyer beware, shhh just press play. 

#PieCast: Episode 35: S5E7 The Gift. Featuring Lauren, Katie and Jess. Running Time: 1 hour and 17 minutes.

Episode 34 FireandLunch PieCast S5E6: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

FireandLunch tackles the most divisive episode of Game of Thrones yet. We've assembled Three differing opinions (including the return of special guest, Elena from 'Team More Wine, Sir!) to unpack Tyrion's new career path, Cersei's dalliance with the law, the Sand Snake plots and, of course, the trouble with Sansa. 

We delve deep into latter book story lines so mind the Spoilers! Also CW for frank discussion of some truly unsettling topics.

#PieCast: Episode 34: S5E6 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Featuring Jenny, Rachel and returning special guest Elena! Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes.

Episode 33 FireandLunch PieCast S5E5: Kill The Boy


"There's far less pies than there are are Freys."


Thank you Stannis the grammar nazi! We will be sure to get that right next time. 

Join us this week as we discuss Kill The Boy [no actual boys were harmed in the making of this PieCast...only metaphorical ones]! We debate who is worse between Ramsay and Roose, the validity of lighting candles in broken towers to call for help, the nuances of Jon's word choices, and whether or not this whole story could end with a Stone Men Utopia. 

As always spoilers are as certain as greyscale! The PieCast is unclean! 

#PieCast: Episode 33: S5E5 Kill The Boy. Featuring Megan, Jenny and Katie. Running Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Episode 32 FireandLunch PieCast S5E4: Sons of the Harpy

The surprise character death that shook the fandom is front and center in the latest episode of the FireandLunch Piecast! We discuss Season 5 Episode 4: Sons of the Harpy. Stay tuned for the eulogy of the Boldest Knight that ever lived, the excitement of R+L=J, the terror of the Sparrow, more magic portals, predicted arrests, stolen masks and Westeros' Number One Dad!

No worries, we also take time for pie!

And remember to always respect the prophecy: Spoilers are Coming.


#PieCast: Episode 32: S5E4 Sons of the Harpy. Featuring Jenny, Rachel and Jess. Running Time: 1 hour and 14 minutes.

Episode 31 FireandLunch PieCast S5Ep3: High Sparrow


Travel through the magic portal and join us for another episode of the PieCast as we delve into Season 5, Episode 3: High Sparrow.

This week we discuss Jon Snow's sexiest move yet, his love of gingers, the cosplay skills of Volantene Brothel workers, happy twitches, and how this is the season of the downfall. 

As always, the spoilers are as consistent as the stubbornness of the one true King of Westeros!

#PieCast: Episode 31: S5Ep3 High Sparrow. Featuring Jess, Jenny and Megan. Running time, 1 hour and 18 minutes. 

Episode 30 FireandLunch PieCast: The House of Black and White


Pull up a box, grab some wine and join FireandLunch as we discuss Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2, The House of Black and White!

This week we discuss Smaug cameos, the badassery of Samwell Tarly, and Megan's multitudinous feels. We talk about what's cooking in the North and the South, rejoice at Dany's storyline finally picking up speed, and check in on one Arya Stark and the Sexiest Yoda You Have Ever Seen. 

As always, Here be Spoilers. Enter at your peril. 

#PieCast: Episode 30: S5Ep2 The House of Black and White. Featuring Lauren, Megan, and Katie. Running Time, Approx. 1 Hour

Episode 29 FireandLunch PieCast S5Ep1: The Wars to Come


Welcome to the first PieCast of Season 5! We finally made it. 

Sit back with your pie, a little late but still tasty, and enjoy.

This week we discuss Rachel's love of poop holes, vomit and eunuchs, Lancel's lack of wig, KEVAN and his fate, Jon the Bastard being awesome, and also share our frustrations with Loras's storyline and Lannister flashbacks. We have a lot of feelings. 

Also, play along at home by counting the number of times Katie gets kicked out of the Brigade and also our Daredevil references! Be sure to check out the Dread Pirate Roberts' new show on Netflix! It's great!

As always, there will be spoilers.

#PieCast: Episode 29: S5Ep1 The Wars to Come. Featuring Megan, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie, and Jess. Running Time, 1 hour.

Episode 28 FireandLunch PieCast: Season 5 Speculation

Season 5 of Game of Thrones is almost here! FireandLunch sits down to talk about some of the latest news, the fan opinions on HBO's current marketing team (CAMPFIRE FOREVER) as well as discussions about previews, theories and interviews! Predictions for S5 abound but remember - THIS IS A SPOILER PODCAST!

Also mentioned in this episode: FireandLunch will be attending the Philly Ren Faire on May 16th! You too can attend a new Ren Fair in the Philly area and meet the Mountain himself, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson! Check out the site! 


#PieCast Episode 28: Season 5 Speculations. Featuring Megan, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren and Jess. Running time: 53 minutes

Episode 27 FireandLunch PieCast: TWOIAF Targ Kings part 2


FireandLunch finishes up the Targaryen Kings section of The World of Ice and Fire. Part Two covers Daeron I through Aerys II (the post Dragons era of Targ Kings).

We battle thru successions, incredibly stupid theories on wildfire, creepy long nails and a seemingly endless list of tragic mistresses. Will we ever know what happened at Summerhall?

Stay tuned for Spoilers!
Look at these jerks and their family vacations.

#PieCast Episode 27: The Targaryen Kings Part Two. Featuring Jenny, Lauren and Rachel. Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes.

Episode 26 FireandLunch PieCast: TWOIAF Targ Kings part 1


FireandLunch continues their read through of The World of Ice and Fire. In this episode they cover the Westerosi reign of the Targaryen Kings. Part One covers Aegon I through Aegon III (the Targs with Dragons).

Have a slice of Pie and get ready to cover the ups and downs of rule by Dragon!

As always, here there be spoilers. And fire. So much fire.
#PieCast Episode 26: The Targaryen Kings Part One. Featuring Jenny of Oldstones, Laeuren* and Rhaech'yl. Running time: 57 minutes.


*Historians Love Footnotes
** Oh man just look at these guys...

Episode 25 FireandLunch PieCast: The Rains of Castamere

Would you like to hear the Rains of Castamere?

This week, we take a look back at that delightful massacre that was the Red Wedding episode in Season 3. 

So join us as we eulogize Robb and Catelyn, and discuss trollish Roose Bolton, Walder Frey's happy face, the most convenient bathroom break ever, a Manderly sighting, and our appreciation of Rickon Stark, the Future King of Westeros. We also have a slightly lengthy nerd rage section where we discuss the end of the Talisa problem, the fact that this really should have been a Stark only episode and our sadness over a less badass Jon Snow. 

As always, here there be spoilers. 

#PieCast Episode 25: The Rains of Castamere. Featuring Jenny, Lauren and Megan. Running time: 53 minutes.

Episode 24 FireandLunch Piecast: Ancient History and the Conquest


FireandLunch is FINALLY going to read and discuss The World of Ice and Fire. This discussion covers the first section of TWOIAF - Ancient History. From the First Men to the Long Night and the Rise and Fall of Valyria. Join the brigade as they roll out the Maester's scrolls!

Spoilers for everything! (Who is reading TWOIAF and complaining about spoilers?)

PS - We had some audio issues on this one (damn you, Skype!). Hopefully you won't notice but please forgive us if you do!

#PieCast Episode 24: TWOIAF: Ancient History and the Conquest. Featuring Megan, Katie, and Jess. Run time: 1 hour 8 minutes.

Episode 23 FireandLunch PieCast: The Hedge Knight


Happy New Year! The first episode of 2015 comes to you from the middle of a Snowpocalypse! FireandLunch braves the storm to gather round the fire and discuss the first Dunk and Egg novella, The Hedge Knight. 

Dear summer child, here there be spoilers!
#PieCast Episode 23: The Hedge Knight. Featuring Rachel, Megan and Jess. Run time: 1 hour

Episode 22 FireandLunch Piecast: Blackwater


In our last Piecast episode of 2014, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Jess revisit that wine-soaked classic of an episode, Blackwater. We discuss alternative uses of wildfire, the Westerosi equivalent of Santa Claus, and whether this Drunk!Cersei was in fact the gold standard of Drunk!Cerseis. (Spoiler alert: She was.) 

As always, gentle listeners, Here There Be Spoilers. Happy Holidays!
#Piecast Episode 22: Blackwater. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Jess. Running time: 55 minutes. 

Episode 21FireandLunch PieCast: Floppy Ears and Plot Bunnies


In this episode of the FireandLunch PieCast Rachel, Jenny, Jess and special guest Elena (Team More Wine, Sir!) take their time with some suggested topics from the FireandLunch tumblr! 

Not at all incoherent discussion is presented in two parts: Part 1 - Fashion in Game of Thrones and what the heck it all means; Part 2 - Our Favorite submitted crackpot theories! In which FireandLunch uncovers the greatest theory of them all!

Keep your third eye open for Spoilers!
#PieCast Episode 21: Floppy Ears and Plot Bunnies. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Jess and special guest Elena. Running time 1 hr 18 min.

Episode 20 FireandLunch PieCast: Season 5 is the What?!&$@!?


FireandLunch examines the latest spoilery Game of Thrones Set Photos for S5, reviews GRRM's 92Y Event for "The World of Ice and Fire" and tries to deal with the fact that from here on out we're all Unsullied.

Remember to clap for the professional circus stylings of Kevan Lannister as you pull up a chair and share a slice of pie!
As always there will be Spoilers!
#PieCast:Episode 20: Season 5 is the What?!&$@!? Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Jess. Running Time 59 min.

Episode 19 FireandLunch PieCast: New York Comic Con Wrap Up


Oh look! The pie!

This week, the Ladies of FireandLunch discuss our experiences at New York Comic Con. We talk choking chickens, the merkin man, meeting our literary heroes, or life ruiners as the case may be, dressing up as obscure book characters and overzealous security guards.

Mostly, we are generally ridiculous as we tend to be.

And really, Cary Elwes, Rachel is still waiting for that water.

Probably not too many spoilers unless you've never seen the Princes Bride, but you've been warned anyway.

#PieCast: Episode 19: New York Comic Con Wrap Up. Featuring Jess, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Megan. Running time, 52 minutes

Episode 18 FireandLunch PieCas7 : Baelor


Join us as we ugly-sob our way down memory lane. 

This week we take a look back at  the very first penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, Baelor. Oh the horror! The sacrifice! The truly terrible wigs! Find out what our first nerd-rage moment was, how sick we are of that Damn Yellow Shirt (tm) and our own reactions to the beheading heard around the world. 
You know the drill by now. Here there be spoilers. 
#PieCast: Episode 18: Baelor. Featuring Megan, Jenny, Lauren, and Katie. Running time, Approximately 62 minutes.

Episode 17 FireandLunch PieCast: The Princess, the Queen and the Rogue


Have you ever wondered how incest could save the world? 

This week we discuss The Princess and the Queen and the Rogue Prince. Join us as we debate the intelligence of dragons and the moral character of Daemon Targaryen, the whereabouts of Dark Sister, how Tyrion will become Hiccup and train a dragon and Daemon’s Point Break moment. 

Eat some roast dragon pie in memory of the hundreds of small folk that died in each paragraph in these stories. 

As always, here there be spoilers. You’ve been warned. 

And for those interested in attending MootCon, check out more event details and RSVP on the Facebook Page

#PieCast: Episode 18: The Princess, The Queen and The Rogue. Featuring Jenny, Rachel, Lauren, Katie, Megan and Jess. Running time, 50 minutes.

Episode 16 FireandLunch PieCast: AlgebraCast



Solve for Pie!

Join us as we discuss the finer points of solving the most important algebra problem in Westeros as we delve into the myriad of theories about Jon Snow's parentage from the correct to the ridiculous as well as some other algebra problems involving some T's and C's and J's. Basically, everyone is a secret Targaryen (maybe even us) and none of it matters because it will all end horribly when the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north […] and the white walkers move through the woods…

Oh my sweet summer child, here there be spoilers.

#PieCast: Episode 16: AlgebraCast. Featuring Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Megan. Running time 53 minutes.

Episode 15 FireandLunch PieCast: “Season 5 is the Fury” feat. SuetheFury


Is Hellatus getting you down? Join us and our extra special guest all the way from, Sue the Fury! We talk about the brand spanking new site, the filming news we're really excited about, and our expectations for Game of Thrones Season Five.

As usual, ladies and gents, here there be spoilers. If you're playing the drinking game at home (which should absolutely exist, and we'll take suggestions for,) knock back a shot whenever Jenny's audio cuts out  and/or Katie forgets the name of something. We are not responsible for damages incurred in the playing of this game. 

#PieCast Episode 15: Season 5 is the Fury. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie, Megan Jess, and special guest SuetheFury. Running time, 72 minutes. 

Episode 14 Fire & Lunch PieCast: A Song of What and If


What if Westeros was a happy place where nothing bad ever happened or what if it still all ended horribly?

Join us as we journey into an alternate Westeros to play the Dating Game with Rhaegar, defend Ned's honor, discuss Jon's ice cell side chats with a Zombie Ned and debate whether or not a dragon counts as a birth certificate. 

Sit back and enjoy a slice of theoretical pie and ask "what if" with us. 

As always there will be spoilers and in this case, for things that will never happen. Still, you've been warned.

#PieCast: Episode 14: A Song of What and If. Featuring Jenny, Lauren, Katie, Megan and Jess. Running time, 76 minutes.

Episode 13 Fire & Lunch PieCast: What’s Love Got To Do With It


Is love the death of duty or is it a strength? Doesn’t matter, either way it’ll end horribly.

Join us as we discuss romance in Westeros from the castle tower to the cottage and everything in between including the elite virgins’ club, swimmer’s bodies, and the extreme makeover of Jon Snow.


And like our favorite Night’s Watchmen, we know nothing as displayed in this podcast.

Also, we heard you liked ships!

So sit back, pour a glass of Dornish Swill, and enjoy some pie for two.

As always, there will be spoilers. You’ve been warned.

#PieCast: Episode 13: What’s Love Got To Do With It. Featuring Megan, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren and Jess. Running time, 71 minutes.