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Piecast Episode 69: Con of Thrones


The Frey Band is back and recapping our Con of Thrones 2018 experience!! Join us as we share out our favorite cosplay, panels, and moments from the con  in Dallas, TX. 


#PieCast: Episode 69: Con of Thrones . Featuring Jenny, Rachel Lauren and Jess Running time 34 minutes. 

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 68 - S7E07: The Dragon and The Wolf


Couldn't you just have sent a raven Bran and saved us all?! 

Join us as we discuss the season 7 finale, The Dragon and The Wolf!

#PieCast: Episode 68: S7Ep7 The Dragon and The Wolf. Featuring Jenny, Rachel Lauren and Jess Running time 75 minutes. 

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 67 - S7E06: Beyond The Wall


We bet Jon Snow and his not so merry band of men and red shirts wished they had some pie to enjoy on that rock while they waited for ravens and dragons to find the wormholes of Westeros. 

Join us as we discuss season 7, episode 6, Beyond the Wall!

#PieCast: Episode 67: S7Ep6 Beyond The Wall. Featuring Jenny, Rachel and Jess Running time 60 minutes. 

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 66 - S7E05: Eastwatch


source: @trialbymeme


Join Lauren, Jess, and special guest Matt as we discuss the latest episode of thrones "Eastwatch"

#PieCast: Episode 66: S7Ep5 Eastwatch. Featuring  Lauren, Jess, and Matt Running time 60 minutes. 


FireandLunch Piecast Episode 65 - S7E04: The Spoils of War



The Fire and Lunch piecast is back to discuss Game of Thrones episode 7x04 "THE SPOILS OF WAR"

#PieCast: Episode 65: S7Ep4 The Spoils of War. Featuring Jenny, Rachel, Lauren, and Jess. Running time 85 minutes. 

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 64 - S7E03: The Queen’s Justice




The fire and lunch piecast is back to discuss Game of Thrones episode 7x03 "THE QUEEN'S JUSTICE"

Join us as we say goodbye to a fan-favorite and question everything related to Log Stark formerly known as Brandon Stark of Winterfell. 

#PieCast: Episode 64: S7Ep3 The Queen's Justice. Featuring Rachel, Lauren, Jenny, and Jess. Running time 69 minutes. 

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 63 - S7E02: Stormborn


The gang's all here for discussion of episode 2 of season 7, "Stormborn". With every storyline still on the menu we cover the North, Dragonstone, King's Landing, Oldtown, the Inn at the Crossroads and some additional piratical behavior!  And remember, when dealing with greyscale always use protection! Enjoy! 


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#Piecast Episode 63 - S7E02: Stormborn. Featuring Lauren, Rachel, Jenny, and Jess. Running time: 51 minutes

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 62 - S7E01: Dragonstone


We're back for a heaping helping of Frey Pie in FireandLunch's Season 07 return as we discuss Dragonstone. We're predisposed to love an episode featuring our Frey favs, but even Faceless Frey (an inside joke for years) has become canon! What is life?! Listen as we discuss the highs and lows of the first episode of Season 07. Winter is Here and there are so many maps!



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#Piecast Episode 62 - S7E01: Dragonstone. Featuring Jenny, Rachel, and Lauren. Running time: 59 minutes

Fire and Lunch PieCast: Episode 61 - Season 7 Preview and Discussion


We're baaaaack!


Season 7 is almost here and with the newest trailer, speculation abounds! We catch up on where we've been during the break and make some guesses on what the spin-off news means for fans of Westerosi history.

Click here to check out the trailer if you haven't yet!


#Piecast Episode 61 - Season 7 Trailer discussion. Featuring Lauren, Rachel, Jenny and Jess Running time: 50 minutes

Fire and Lunch PieCast: Episode 60 - The NYCC 2016 ReCap


Join Rachel, Jenny and Lauren as they talk about New York Comic Con this year. cosplay, panels, and some Game of Thrones spoilers to keep it interesting.

oh right, and we met Carrie Fisher.


Grab a Slice! It's extra Crispy!

#Piecast Episode 60 - NYCC 2016. Featuring Rachel, Jenny and Lauren. Running time: 1 hr 14 minutes

FireandLunch PieCast Episode 59 - DragonCon 2016


Join Rachel and special guests Elena and Eli, as they talk about all the fun they had at DragonCon 2016! Cosplay, pranks and parties and more cosplay! They worked very hard all summer to prepare for the biggest baddest con of them all and boy was it worth it!

NYCC is coming up in October so don't forget to join FireandLunch at MootCon5!!! 


#Piecast Episode 59 - DragonCon 2016. Featuring Rachel, Elena and Eli. Running time: 1 hr 17 minutes

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 58 - Summer Musings


Hey guys! We're finally back with a bit of a random episode. Lauren, Rachel and Jess wanted to catch up with each other and what better way than via the Piecast, where you can all listen! We discuss the news that Game of Thrones will air next Summer (Summer Is Coming!), the best restaurants in Toronto, the next FireandLunch outings and how to have the perfect NYC Summer.

Take a listen!


Also of note: MootCon5 is coming to NYCC! Check out the link for more information on our annual Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Fan Meetup! If you're in town for the con or you just live here, join us!

#Piecast Episode 58 - Summer Musings. Featuring Rachel, Lauren and Jess. Running time: 52 minutes.

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 57 - S6E10: The Winds of Winter



Frey Pie! Frey Pie! There was a Frey Pie!!!

Join FireandLunch for possibly their favorite finale episode ever! We're show-canon and nothing hurts! The entire lunch crew is here for this one as we discuss what made this episode a la mode! From the Tower of Joy, to the Sept of Baelor, to the Narrow Sea and the Library of Oldtown. Dig in m'lord, this one is extra fresh!

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#Piecast Episode 57 - S6E10: The Winds of Winter. Featuring Megan, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Jess. Running time: 1 hour 5 minutes

FireandLunch Piecast Episode 56 - S6E9: Battle of the Bastards



Join the Jon Snow fangirl brigade as we discuss the penultimate episode of season 6 "Battle of the Bastards."

We discuss the technical achievements of the episode, the relationship of Tyrion and Dany, sad Mel, the importance of zigzagging, and all the Ned-tastic moments from the episode.

#Piecast Episode 56 - S6E9: Battle of the Bastards. Featuring Megan, Katie and Jess. Running time: One Hour

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FireandLunch Piecast Episode 55 - S6E8: No One


Join FireandLunch as we are mildly apathetic about Game of Thrones' eighth episode, "No One." Hear Katie, Jenny and Lauren as they ship Brienne/Jamie, bash fanaticism, and wonder when Tyrion is going to stop being that drunk peer-pressure kid from public service announcements. As always, here there be spoilers. 

#Piecast Episode 55 - S6E8: No One. Featuring Katie, Jenny and Lauren. Running time: 30 Minutes 

Episode 54 FireandLunch Piecast-S6E7: The Broken Man



Join FireandLunch as we share our thoughts on "The Broken Man" episode sans "The Broken Man" speech. Megan, Rachel, and Jess discuss sassy ten-year-olds, the meaning of Clegane-bowl, missing swimmer bods, Weasel Freys, hippie cults, and more!!!! #Piecast Episode 54: S6E7 The Broken Man. Featuring Megan, Rachel, and Jess. Running Time, 1 hour.

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Episode 53 FireandLunch PieCast - S6E6: Blood of My Blood


Rachel and Jenny team up to discuss "Blood of My Blood" as they cover everything from the fashion of the Reach to exactly how they think greyscale will make it to Westeros. Plus a little speculation on how long we can reasonably expect a zombie to stay pretty.

Don't forget to check out our ASoIaF column this season on!

#PieCast: Episode 53: S6Ep6 Blood of My Blood. Featuring Rachel and Jenny. Running time 70 minutes.

Episode 52 FireandLunch Piecast: The Door

Where Brooklyn at !! 

Join Katie, Lauren, and Jess for this all Brookyncast episode of the piecast. Listen in as we discuss pledge week with House Greyjoy, fashion at the Wall, the merits of Tarthbane, and sadly say goodbye to two of the series most beloved characters. 

Be sure to check out Rachel’s blog post Time Travel in ASoIaF about the consequences of introducing time travel into the ASoIaF series. 

#PieCast: Episode 52: S6Ep5 The Door. Featuring Katie, Lauren and Jess. Running time, 53 minutes.

Episode 51 FireandLunch PieCast S6E4: Book of the Stranger


Stark Reunion! Cue the FireandLunch tears!

There are only two of us this week due to illness and busy lives, but Megan and Jenny hopefully have enough feelings for everyone. 

Join us as we discuss magical hair, where Jon got his Ned Stark costume, naked lady daggers and all of those sibling reunions. 

Spoiler watch: Still some in there, both book spoilers and set report spoilers

#PieCast: Episode 51: S6Ep4 Book of the Stranger. Featuring Megan and Jenny Running time, 40 minutes.

Episode 50 FireandLunch PieCast S6E3: Oathbreaker


Now it begins...

Welcome to our 50th episode! Have an extra large slice of pie!

Join us as we curse "Bloodraven" along with Bran for not letting us see the rest of that Tower of Joy scene, discuss the state of fashion in Westeros and cry over the possible death of Shaggydog. We hope the conspiracy theories are true. 

DISCLAIMER: We apologize if we repeat ourselves a bit in this episode from time to time. Being our 50th episode we of course had "a few" technical difficulties and had to rerecord some stuff and kind of forgot what we had already said and what got cut.

Also...there are still spoilers....

No...Now it ends...

#PieCast: Episode 50: S6Ep3 Oathbreaker. Featuring Lauren, Jenny and Megan. Running time, 50 minutes.

Episode 49 FireandLunch PieCast S6E2: Home


Praise R'hllor! Jon Snow has been returned to us!

Join us as we squeal over seeing baby Starks for the first time, rate the quality of the Ned Stark cosplayers this season, try and decide the best method for Theon to make his way back to Iron Islands and of course rejoice in Jon Snow returning to the land of the living. 

Still spoilers....though I fear we are getting close to the time when that will not mean much. 

#PieCast: Episode 49: S6Ep2 Home. Featuring Jenny, Rachel and Jess. Running time, 54 minutes.

Episode 48 FireandLunch PieCast S6E1: The Red Woman


The Long Night has finally come to an end as Season 6 premiers!

Grab some "untainted by adaptation" Frey Pie and...
(Pie credit to Jonelle of Fat Pink Cast and shout out to Lauren for hosting our premier party)

Join us as we lament the tragedy that was Dorne, discuss Arya's transition to becoming Daredevil, praise Davos on his superior negotiating skills and place our bets on what episode Jon Snow will finally come back to life!

For a while longer, there will be spoilers. 

#PieCast: Episode 48: S6Ep1 The Red Woman. Featuring Jenny, Rachel, Lauren, Katie, Megan and Jess. Running time, 36 minutes.

Episode 47: FireandLunch PieCast - Season 6 Is Coming


It's one week until Season 6 starts and we wanted to get together to have one last discussion of news, trailers and events before the new season begins. Grab a fork and tuck in for another episode of the FireandLunch PieCast!

Helpful links for this episode

#PieCast: Episode 47: Season 6 Is Coming. Featuring Rachel, Jenny and Lauren. Running time 45 minutes.

Episode 46: FireandLunch PieCast - David J. Peterson

M'athchomaroon! Join FireandLunch as they chat with David J. Peterson, author and conlanger for HBO's Game of Thrones, the CW's The 100, MTV's Shannara and NBC's Emerald City (among others) about NYCC, Game of Thrones, Fandom and David's latest book, The Art of Language Invention.  

This one is very special to us as we all admire David a great deal! He's fantastic. Me nem nesaDid you see him on the Daily Show? Athdavrazar

Follow David J. Peterson on Twitter and Tumblr

PS: Do you want to know more about our upcoming Moot-aversary Fan Meet Up on April 1? Click here. 

#PieCast: Episode 46: David J. Peterson. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Katie and Lauren with Special Guest, author and conlanger, David J. Peterson. Running time 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Episode 45: FireandLunch PieCast - Season 6 Hall of Faces Teaser


Hope you like this mini Pie to hold you over until our next full episode! Join FireandLunch as they discuss the new Season 6 Teaser Trailer. They've got a lot of ideas including how Balon should have been worked into the trailer, what we should expect next from the print campaign and some discussion of the new production stills. This one is full of some good natured ribbing, we're pretty excited to head into the unknown!

Grab a Fork!

Possible Spoilers for a book that hasn't been published yet!

#PieCast: Episode 45: Season 6 Teaser Trailer. Featuring Rachel, Jenny and Lauren. Running time 17 minutes.