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Episode 42 FireandLunch PieCast: The Ladies Invade NYCC!

October 24, 2015

Hello and WELCOME to Episode 42 of the PieCast: The Ladies Invade New York Comic Con! Join us as we celebrate our fourth annual (and biggest ever) MootCon, break down our individual experiences of this year's NYCC, and wax poetic about the unbridled awesomeness that is David J. Peterson. 

Here's some links for extra relevancy and fandom goodness:
The bestest fansite on the internet, including a link to one Game of Owns:
David Peterson's Web Thing, home of fabulousness and kick-ass linguistics:
And, by popular demand (and by popular, I mean Megan and Katie insisted this went up,) a link to RocketJump, home of your new favorite fandom video ever. Ever. Fan Friction. Just trust us and click.:
Huge, HUGE shout out to Sue, Petra and David from Watchers on the Wall, the whole gang and special guests of Game of Owns and A Night of Ice and Fire, and everyone who came out to party with us. Here, there be no spoilers, but I'm sure we can find some dragons for you. Enjoy!
#PieCast: Episode 42: The Ladies Invade NYCC! Featuring Jenny, Rachel, Lauren, Katie, Megan, and Jess. Running time 56 minutes.