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Episode 43: FireandLunch - The Piebald Cast

November 30, 2015
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Making good on their promise to deliver an all Robin Hobb-themed episode Jenny and Rachel invite fellow Robin Hobb fans, Hanna and Alyssa, to discuss the latest offering in the ongoing adventures of Fitz and the Fool - Fool's Quest as well as all things Realm of the Elderlings.

Join us for a hilarious run through Buckkeep Town as we discuss why our regular A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones listeners will love the Realm of the Elderlings novels and why Robin Hobb is the master of exquisitely written, emotional, character-driven Fantasy. If you thought GRRM was mean to his characters... well.. let's just say he's got nothing on Robin Hobb!

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#PieCast: Episode 43: The Piebald Cast. Featuring Jenny, Rachel, Hanna and Alyssa. Running time 75 minutes.