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FireandLunch Piecast Episode 58 - Summer Musings


Hey guys! We're finally back with a bit of a random episode. Lauren, Rachel and Jess wanted to catch up with each other and what better way than via the Piecast, where you can all listen! We discuss the news that Game of Thrones will air next Summer (Summer Is Coming!), the best restaurants in Toronto, the next FireandLunch outings and how to have the perfect NYC Summer.

Take a listen!


Also of note: MootCon5 is coming to NYCC! Check out the link for more information on our annual Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Fan Meetup! If you're in town for the con or you just live here, join us!

#Piecast Episode 58 - Summer Musings. Featuring Rachel, Lauren and Jess. Running time: 52 minutes.