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Episode 52 FireandLunch Piecast: The Door

Where Brooklyn at !! 

Join Katie, Lauren, and Jess for this all Brookyncast episode of the piecast. Listen in as we discuss pledge week with House Greyjoy, fashion at the Wall, the merits of Tarthbane, and sadly say goodbye to two of the series most beloved characters. 

Be sure to check out Rachel’s blog post Time Travel in ASoIaF about the consequences of introducing time travel into the ASoIaF series. 

#PieCast: Episode 52: S6Ep5 The Door. Featuring Katie, Lauren and Jess. Running time, 53 minutes.

Episode 51 FireandLunch PieCast S6E4: Book of the Stranger


Stark Reunion! Cue the FireandLunch tears!

There are only two of us this week due to illness and busy lives, but Megan and Jenny hopefully have enough feelings for everyone. 

Join us as we discuss magical hair, where Jon got his Ned Stark costume, naked lady daggers and all of those sibling reunions. 

Spoiler watch: Still some in there, both book spoilers and set report spoilers

#PieCast: Episode 51: S6Ep4 Book of the Stranger. Featuring Megan and Jenny Running time, 40 minutes.

Episode 50 FireandLunch PieCast S6E3: Oathbreaker


Now it begins...

Welcome to our 50th episode! Have an extra large slice of pie!

Join us as we curse "Bloodraven" along with Bran for not letting us see the rest of that Tower of Joy scene, discuss the state of fashion in Westeros and cry over the possible death of Shaggydog. We hope the conspiracy theories are true. 

DISCLAIMER: We apologize if we repeat ourselves a bit in this episode from time to time. Being our 50th episode we of course had "a few" technical difficulties and had to rerecord some stuff and kind of forgot what we had already said and what got cut.

Also...there are still spoilers....

No...Now it ends...

#PieCast: Episode 50: S6Ep3 Oathbreaker. Featuring Lauren, Jenny and Megan. Running time, 50 minutes.

Episode 49 FireandLunch PieCast S6E2: Home


Praise R'hllor! Jon Snow has been returned to us!

Join us as we squeal over seeing baby Starks for the first time, rate the quality of the Ned Stark cosplayers this season, try and decide the best method for Theon to make his way back to Iron Islands and of course rejoice in Jon Snow returning to the land of the living. 

Still spoilers....though I fear we are getting close to the time when that will not mean much. 

#PieCast: Episode 49: S6Ep2 Home. Featuring Jenny, Rachel and Jess. Running time, 54 minutes.