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Episode 40 FireandLunch PieCast: The Second Annual Wymans!


We're back from our [cosplay crafting] hiatus to bring you our Second Annual Wyman Awards! 

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as the ladies of FireandLunch present their favorite and least favorite moments from Season 5 of Game of Thrones. We cover our near universal love for a certain episode, everyone's favorite stalker, and of course our favorite topic, the always indubitable Jon Snow...even Rachel who has a shocking...almost podcast ending revelation...*gasp*   

We of course could not have done this episode without some very special guests who lent us their voices and their picks for some of our awards this year. With us we had: 

Axey of Watchers on the Wall, find him at and @Axechucker on twitter
Phil, the creator of Winter is Coming, find him now at @p_red on twitter
Jonelle, Marissa and Sade of Fat Pink Cast, find them at on twitter and on iTunes
Jamila from Girl Gone Geek and Geek Girl Brunch, find her at @girl_gone_geek and @geekgirlbrunch on twitter, at and at
Geoffrey from A Trivia of Ice and Fire, find him at @GMGoliaLMSW and @atoiaf on twitter and at
Elena, find her at @MoffElena on twitter
Steven, find him at @StevenR10 on twitter 
Hanna, find her at @hannabrady on twitter and at
Eli, find him at @GoodGuyEli on twitter

We also had some help from the small folk, our lovely listeners who filled out our Wymans poll last month. Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. Your answers were very creative, especially your Frey Pie Ratings. 

Some of our favorites were:

"Symond a la mode with slightly burnt (thus tasty) crust. The ice cream has some milk chocolate syrup that resembles what was thrown at Lena Headey's body double." - Paul G

"Symond with Ryman filling baked in a Merrett oven" - Gareth

"Unevenly cooked Jared. Parts are succulent and delicious, other parts are undercooked and leave a bad taste in your mouth." - Matt

"A symond with a hair in it" - Steph from Austin

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this episode!

We hope you like some SHAME with your pie.

And yes...he's NOT DEAD!

#PieCast: Episode 40: The Second Annual Wymans. Featuring Jenny, Rachel, Lauren, Katie, Megan, and Jess and a whole lot of guests. Running time 85 minutes.