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Episode 39 FireandLunch PieCast TWOIAF: The Heroic Tale of Robert Baratheon as told by Completely Unbiased People…No Really!


Hello, and WELCOME to our first hiatus episode off of Season 5! Join Megan, Jenny and Katie for our discussion of Robert's Rebellion, coming to you from the distant past of last March.

Listen as we battle exploding microphones, discuss the COMPLETE WEIRDNESS of Rhaegar Targaryen, question the wisdom of the Crazy Road Trip of Lust (tm Rachel), and test the limits of our own sobriety. (Yes gentle listeners, this is our first ever Drunk!Cast.)
Clocking in at approximately one hour and 40 minutes, settle in for a nice long trip down nostalgia lane. 
As always, here there be (book) spoilers. Be sure to vote vote vote for our upcoming 2015 Wymans Awards. Visit the link here:
#PieCast: Episode 39: TWOIAF Robert's Rebellion. Featuring Megan, Jenny and Katie. Running time, 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

Episode 38 FireandLunch PieCast S5E10: Mother’s Mercy




Join all six ladies of Fire and Lunch in our collective denial as we come to grips with the final scene of the Season Five finale. We also discuss our conflicted feelings about the rest of the episode and our hopes and fears for season six, which will probably include a Daario and Kevan Deathwatch segment. 

Sit back and enjoy some Pomegranate Pie in memory of the totally not dead Jon Snow.

For maybe the last time, here there be book spoilers...sort of...but you are warned. 

#PieCast: Episode 38: S5E10 Mother's Mercy. Featuring Megan, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Jess. Running Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes...sorry...we had A LOT of feelings

Attention Listeners!


Now that Season 5 is over, it's almost time for our 2nd Annual Wymans.  But who wants to just hear our opinons?  We'd love to hear your top choices for our categories, and we'll announce winners during the episode. Take a minute to complete our poll:  We've got some standard categories (e.g., Best Death Scene), but also some fun ones (e.g., Favorite Stalker!Jorah Moment).  Happy voting!  (We plan to close voting on July 5.)

Episode 37 FireandLunch PieCast S5E9: The Dance of Dragons


Welcome the PieCast! Join Jenny, Rachel and Katie as we discuss the penultimate, much-anticipated episode 9 of Game of Thrones Season 5, The Dance of Dragons. 

We begin, middle and end the episode with a tribute to and lament for poor little Shireen Baratheon. In between sobs, we discuss the endlessly boring storyline in Dorne, Arya's moves along the Braavosi chess board, and one of the best/worst escapes we've seen on TV this year. (For one. Sorry, entire court of Dany Targaryen. You should be fine. Probably.) 
As always, here there be spoilers. Only until next week, though. Then we're all on our own! 
#PieCast: Episode 37: S5E9 The Dance of Dragons. Featuring Jenny, Rachel and Katie. Running Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Episode 36 FireandLunch PieCast S5E8: Hardhome


Karsi, we hardly knew ye. 
Welcome to the all-Brigade episode of the PieCast! Join Jess, Megan and Katie (with Jenny assisting in spirit) as we discuss the frighteningly awesome episode that was Hardhome. Our thirst for Jon Snow is about as real as Cersei's in the Black Cells, AMIRITE? ;D
...Too soon? Okay.
With ratings that swing as high as we've ever had them on the podcast, we talk about the value of Tyrion in the Meereen storyline, how shitty an ex Jorah is, the growth of the story's mythology in Hardhome's final battle (Valyrian steel kills the Others! The White Walkers have an organizational structure and goals!), and the overall encompassing awesomeness that is Wun Wun. 
Clocking in at 93 minutes, buckle in for a wildly enthusiastic slice of Pie. 
As always, here be spoilers. Listener beware!

#PieCast: Episode 36: S5E8 Hardhome. Featuring Megan, Katie and Jess. Running Time: 1 hour and 33 minutes.