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Episode 27 FireandLunch PieCast: TWOIAF Targ Kings part 2


FireandLunch finishes up the Targaryen Kings section of The World of Ice and Fire. Part Two covers Daeron I through Aerys II (the post Dragons era of Targ Kings).

We battle thru successions, incredibly stupid theories on wildfire, creepy long nails and a seemingly endless list of tragic mistresses. Will we ever know what happened at Summerhall?

Stay tuned for Spoilers!
Look at these jerks and their family vacations.

#PieCast Episode 27: The Targaryen Kings Part Two. Featuring Jenny, Lauren and Rachel. Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes.

Episode 26 FireandLunch PieCast: TWOIAF Targ Kings part 1


FireandLunch continues their read through of The World of Ice and Fire. In this episode they cover the Westerosi reign of the Targaryen Kings. Part One covers Aegon I through Aegon III (the Targs with Dragons).

Have a slice of Pie and get ready to cover the ups and downs of rule by Dragon!

As always, here there be spoilers. And fire. So much fire.
#PieCast Episode 26: The Targaryen Kings Part One. Featuring Jenny of Oldstones, Laeuren* and Rhaech'yl. Running time: 57 minutes.


*Historians Love Footnotes
** Oh man just look at these guys...

Episode 25 FireandLunch PieCast: The Rains of Castamere

Would you like to hear the Rains of Castamere?

This week, we take a look back at that delightful massacre that was the Red Wedding episode in Season 3. 

So join us as we eulogize Robb and Catelyn, and discuss trollish Roose Bolton, Walder Frey's happy face, the most convenient bathroom break ever, a Manderly sighting, and our appreciation of Rickon Stark, the Future King of Westeros. We also have a slightly lengthy nerd rage section where we discuss the end of the Talisa problem, the fact that this really should have been a Stark only episode and our sadness over a less badass Jon Snow. 

As always, here there be spoilers. 

#PieCast Episode 25: The Rains of Castamere. Featuring Jenny, Lauren and Megan. Running time: 53 minutes.

Episode 24 FireandLunch Piecast: Ancient History and the Conquest


FireandLunch is FINALLY going to read and discuss The World of Ice and Fire. This discussion covers the first section of TWOIAF - Ancient History. From the First Men to the Long Night and the Rise and Fall of Valyria. Join the brigade as they roll out the Maester's scrolls!

Spoilers for everything! (Who is reading TWOIAF and complaining about spoilers?)

PS - We had some audio issues on this one (damn you, Skype!). Hopefully you won't notice but please forgive us if you do!

#PieCast Episode 24: TWOIAF: Ancient History and the Conquest. Featuring Megan, Katie, and Jess. Run time: 1 hour 8 minutes.