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Episode 21FireandLunch PieCast: Floppy Ears and Plot Bunnies


In this episode of the FireandLunch PieCast Rachel, Jenny, Jess and special guest Elena (Team More Wine, Sir!) take their time with some suggested topics from the FireandLunch tumblr! 

Not at all incoherent discussion is presented in two parts: Part 1 - Fashion in Game of Thrones and what the heck it all means; Part 2 - Our Favorite submitted crackpot theories! In which FireandLunch uncovers the greatest theory of them all!

Keep your third eye open for Spoilers!
#PieCast Episode 21: Floppy Ears and Plot Bunnies. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Jess and special guest Elena. Running time 1 hr 18 min.

Episode 20 FireandLunch PieCast: Season 5 is the What?!&$@!?


FireandLunch examines the latest spoilery Game of Thrones Set Photos for S5, reviews GRRM's 92Y Event for "The World of Ice and Fire" and tries to deal with the fact that from here on out we're all Unsullied.

Remember to clap for the professional circus stylings of Kevan Lannister as you pull up a chair and share a slice of pie!
As always there will be Spoilers!
#PieCast:Episode 20: Season 5 is the What?!&$@!? Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Jess. Running Time 59 min.