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Episode 18 FireandLunch PieCas7 : Baelor


Join us as we ugly-sob our way down memory lane. 

This week we take a look back at  the very first penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, Baelor. Oh the horror! The sacrifice! The truly terrible wigs! Find out what our first nerd-rage moment was, how sick we are of that Damn Yellow Shirt (tm) and our own reactions to the beheading heard around the world. 
You know the drill by now. Here there be spoilers. 
#PieCast: Episode 18: Baelor. Featuring Megan, Jenny, Lauren, and Katie. Running time, Approximately 62 minutes.

Episode 17 FireandLunch PieCast: The Princess, the Queen and the Rogue


Have you ever wondered how incest could save the world? 

This week we discuss The Princess and the Queen and the Rogue Prince. Join us as we debate the intelligence of dragons and the moral character of Daemon Targaryen, the whereabouts of Dark Sister, how Tyrion will become Hiccup and train a dragon and Daemon’s Point Break moment. 

Eat some roast dragon pie in memory of the hundreds of small folk that died in each paragraph in these stories. 

As always, here there be spoilers. You’ve been warned. 

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#PieCast: Episode 18: The Princess, The Queen and The Rogue. Featuring Jenny, Rachel, Lauren, Katie, Megan and Jess. Running time, 50 minutes.