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Episode 16 FireandLunch PieCast: AlgebraCast



Solve for Pie!

Join us as we discuss the finer points of solving the most important algebra problem in Westeros as we delve into the myriad of theories about Jon Snow's parentage from the correct to the ridiculous as well as some other algebra problems involving some T's and C's and J's. Basically, everyone is a secret Targaryen (maybe even us) and none of it matters because it will all end horribly when the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north […] and the white walkers move through the woods…

Oh my sweet summer child, here there be spoilers.

#PieCast: Episode 16: AlgebraCast. Featuring Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Megan. Running time 53 minutes.

Episode 15 FireandLunch PieCast: “Season 5 is the Fury” feat. SuetheFury


Is Hellatus getting you down? Join us and our extra special guest all the way from, Sue the Fury! We talk about the brand spanking new site, the filming news we're really excited about, and our expectations for Game of Thrones Season Five.

As usual, ladies and gents, here there be spoilers. If you're playing the drinking game at home (which should absolutely exist, and we'll take suggestions for,) knock back a shot whenever Jenny's audio cuts out  and/or Katie forgets the name of something. We are not responsible for damages incurred in the playing of this game. 

#PieCast Episode 15: Season 5 is the Fury. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie, Megan Jess, and special guest SuetheFury. Running time, 72 minutes.