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Episode 14 Fire & Lunch PieCast: A Song of What and If


What if Westeros was a happy place where nothing bad ever happened or what if it still all ended horribly?

Join us as we journey into an alternate Westeros to play the Dating Game with Rhaegar, defend Ned's honor, discuss Jon's ice cell side chats with a Zombie Ned and debate whether or not a dragon counts as a birth certificate. 

Sit back and enjoy a slice of theoretical pie and ask "what if" with us. 

As always there will be spoilers and in this case, for things that will never happen. Still, you've been warned.

#PieCast: Episode 14: A Song of What and If. Featuring Jenny, Lauren, Katie, Megan and Jess. Running time, 76 minutes.

Episode 13 Fire & Lunch PieCast: What’s Love Got To Do With It


Is love the death of duty or is it a strength? Doesn’t matter, either way it’ll end horribly.

Join us as we discuss romance in Westeros from the castle tower to the cottage and everything in between including the elite virgins’ club, swimmer’s bodies, and the extreme makeover of Jon Snow.


And like our favorite Night’s Watchmen, we know nothing as displayed in this podcast.

Also, we heard you liked ships!

So sit back, pour a glass of Dornish Swill, and enjoy some pie for two.

As always, there will be spoilers. You’ve been warned.

#PieCast: Episode 13: What’s Love Got To Do With It. Featuring Megan, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren and Jess. Running time, 71 minutes.

Episode 12 2014 Fire & Lunch Wyman Awards


Who says awards season is over? Sit back, relax and settle in, because it’s time for the first annual FireandLunch Wyman Awards! We’re discussing our favorite moments, characters and performances from Season 4 of Game of Thrones, when we’re not licking our wounds from the great Skype Conflict of 2014. Start your post-season right with a heaping slice of piecast! 

As always, here be spoilers. Consider yourself warned. 

#Piecast: The Wyman Awards. Featuring Katie, Rachel, Lauren, Jenny, Megan and Jess. Running time: 70 minutes. We’ve given you an extra spoonful of sugar at the end!

Episode 11 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep10: The Children


I hope you saved room for dessert. The latest PieCast is double stuffed!

Join us as we discuss the Stannis inquisition, how to name your dragons, the best fight scene ever, and lament the lack of a certain stone heart. 

Also…skeletons, fireballs and smoothies oh my!

As always, here there be spoilers. You’ve been warned.

#PieCast: Episode 10: The Children. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie, Megan and Jess. Running time, an impressive 84 minutes. Hope you’re ready for that sugar coma!

Click here to check out our pictionary skills as well

Episode 10 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep9: The Watchers on the Wall


Come join your Brothers in Black for a heaping helping of this week’s piecast!!! We discuss the Continuing Adventures of Pedro Pascal, the wisdom of imbibing large drinks with small plates of food, and oh yes, the indomitable men of the Night’s Watch. (Including and especially everyone’s favorite northern Bastard! No, sit down Ramsay.) 

As always, beware for here be spoilers. Also, dragons. But mostly spoilers. 

#Piecast; Episode 10: The Watchers on the Wall. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie, Megan and Jess. Running time 72 minutes. Better loosen that buckle.

Episode 9 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep8: The Mountain and the Viper


It’s the ‘sickening crunch’ heard round the world - the PieCast for The Mountain and the Viper is here!!! We discuss beetles, krakens, betrayal, the mockingjay and come up with the best allegorical tale starring GRRM and D&D you’ve ever heard. 

Your head cannot contain us!

As always - We’ve got all the spoilers. Root and Stem.

#Piecast; Episode 8: The Mountain and the Viper. Featuring Katie, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Megan and Jess. Running time 56 minutes. (Can we interest you in some spicy Dornish peppers?)

Episode 8 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4 Bonus Episode


Need a late-night snack? Have some PIE! 

Join us as we ramble on about Season Four of Game of Thrones so far, plus the honing of our survivalist skills and theme-tandem baking. Runtime is a WHOPPING 1 hour 15 minutes. Enjoy!

#Piecast; Bonus Episode: Season Four So Far. Featuring Katie, Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Megan and Jess. Running time ~1 hour 15 minutes. (Settle in for a sugar coma.) 

Episode 7 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep 7: Mockingbird


SWEET! Here’s the latest slice of the Piecast! Tuck in for some Mockingbird discussion! We cover meeting Pedro Pascal, the case of the missing Mance, more road trips, Queens with Guts and the WULL!

Remember! The Piecast is NOT a spoiler free podcast! From Thrones to Dance and beyond!

#Piecast; Episode 7: Mockingbird. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Jess. Running time ~1 hour. (You look a bit peckish, dear!)

Episode 6 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep6: The Laws of Gods and Men


Would you like pies with that? For half a groat more we can upgrade that to a PieCast!

In Ep 6 FireandLunch discusses GoT S4E06: The Laws of Gods and Men. We discuss pirate heists, how Asha would not run away from dogs, Peter Dinklage’s Emmy Reel, how Tywin might just be the Harpy and more! Also…Lancel.  

Reminder: the Piecast is NOT a spoiler free podcast! Dirty, sullied ears only!

#Piecast; Episode 6: The Laws of Gods and Men. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Megan, Katie and Jess. Running time ~1 hour. (get some cushions, you may be here a while)

*Note: we experienced a few technical difficulties during the making of this PieCast. Bear with us

Episode 5 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep5: First of His Name


Do You Like Pie? How about a little PieCast?

In Ep 5 FireandLunch discusses GoT S4E05: First of His Name. We cover Cersei vs Margaery, The significance of Eunuch Victories, how high is the Vale? Trees on Fire and more!

Reminder: the Piecast is NOT a spoiler free podcast! Dirty, sullied ears only!

#Piecast; Episode 5: First of His Name. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Megan, Katie and Jess. Running time ~57 min. (what like you’re popular and need to go somewhere?)

Episode 4 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep4: Oathkeeper


The PieCast is here! Fresh from the oven!

In Episode 4: Oathkeeper the full crew is back to talk about WTF is going on (we have no idea), the shenanigans North of the Wall, the political situation in Mereen and Ser Pounce!

As always - remember the Piecast is NOT a spoiler-free podcast!

#Piecast; Episode 4: Oathkeeper. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Megan, Katie and Jess. Running time ~53 min.

Episode 3 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep3: Breaker of Chains


In this week’s Piecast we run a tad long because FireandLunch needed a bit of a therapy session. We’ll call it “rage cast”. We talk what we’re reading, Queen Shireen, the tragedy of Strong Belwas and Cannibal Thenns. And yes, we also talk about “That Scene”. 

Remember the Piecast is a NOT a spoiler free podcast.


#Piecast; Episode 3: Breaker of Chains. Featuring Rachel, Jenny, Lauren, Katie and Jess. (Megan is away.) Running time ~ 1 hour.

Episode 2 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep2: The Lion and the Rose


IT’S THE PURPLE WEDDING EPISODE! Join Fire and Lunch for a rousing conversation about The Lion and the Rose!

Remember! This is a spoiler podcast!

(#PiecastEp 2: The Lion and the Rose featuring Rachel, Megan, Lauren, Katie, and Jess (special message from Jenny). Running TIme: 40 min and change.)

Episode 1 Fire & Lunch PieCast S4Ep1: Two Swords


Instead of doing a written review about each episode in Season 4, FireandLunch has decided it’s much easier to talk into some microphones! So here, for your listening pleasure, is Episode 1 of the FireandLunch Piecast! We hope you like it.

ps - Ep 1 is a little rough in the audio dept. We had to go to backup recordings. But we promise this is not the norm!

pps - Here are the full lyrics for The Pies of the Crossing, our Rains of Castamere parody song that is played at the beginning and end of the Piecast.

And who are you

The proud Frey said

That I must eat this pie

Only a pie of a different meat

That’s all the truth I know

A pie of Rhaegar, Jared or Symond

A Manderly still has knives

And mine are long and sharp my lord

As long and sharp as yours

And so he broke

That sacred oath

That Lord of the Crossing

And now the pie crusts cover his kin

And they’re so good to eat

Yes now the pie crusts cover his kin

Revenge, it tastes so sweet

(#PiecastEp 1: Two Swords featuring Rachel, Jenny, Megan, Lauren, Katie, and Jess. Running TIme: 40 min.)