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Episode 48 FireandLunch PieCast S6E1: The Red Woman


The Long Night has finally come to an end as Season 6 premiers!

Grab some "untainted by adaptation" Frey Pie and...
(Pie credit to Jonelle of Fat Pink Cast and shout out to Lauren for hosting our premier party)

Join us as we lament the tragedy that was Dorne, discuss Arya's transition to becoming Daredevil, praise Davos on his superior negotiating skills and place our bets on what episode Jon Snow will finally come back to life!

For a while longer, there will be spoilers. 

#PieCast: Episode 48: S6Ep1 The Red Woman. Featuring Jenny, Rachel, Lauren, Katie, Megan and Jess. Running time, 36 minutes.

Episode 47: FireandLunch PieCast - Season 6 Is Coming


It's one week until Season 6 starts and we wanted to get together to have one last discussion of news, trailers and events before the new season begins. Grab a fork and tuck in for another episode of the FireandLunch PieCast!

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#PieCast: Episode 47: Season 6 Is Coming. Featuring Rachel, Jenny and Lauren. Running time 45 minutes.